Things You Need to Know about Tesla before it Hits Indian Market

Tesla model 3 2017

India is about to overtake Germany by becoming World’s 4th biggest Market for vehicles in 2017 and many New companies are interested to introduce their cars in India. Tesla is also showing its interest in India and its entry is being anticipated since September 2015 when India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Silicon valley and his minister’s  visit to Tesla’s California factory where Mr. Nitin Gadkari nad Mr. Elon Musk chief executive of Tesla discussed about making India a manufacturing hub of electric cars.

On 7th February ins reply to a tweet “When Tesla is coming to India?”, Elon Musk replied “Hoping for summer this Year.” by His tweet Elon Musk cleared his intentions of bringing Tesla into Indian Market by this summer. It is being said that Tesla will start its market in India with with its car Tesla Model 3. The prototype of Tesla Model 3 was first shown at an event in Los Angeles on 31st March 2016.Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is an electronic car and unlike Hybrid cars like Toyota Prius ,Tesla Model 3 is completely electronic. It has a lithium ion battery of 60Kw hour power as engine and can go 300 Kilometers with one complete charger and because of Tesla’s own Supercharger Technology you can drive for 150 Km with just a 15 minutes charging. This is Tesla’s super car with an acceleration of 0-97Kmph in just 4 seconds.

Tesla Model 3 is also very good in looks and design it looks much like Tesla Model S but is 20 percent smaller than that. Its metallic look with character lines adds more beauty to it. It has LED tail lights and alongwith a beautiful exterior Tesla Model 3 safe premium sedan which has 5 star safety rating.

Discarding Tesla’s ordinary 17-inch representation touchscreen, the Model 3 includes a 15-inch scene touchscreen incorporated on the dashboard. This show demonstrates speed and apparatus choice in the upper corner, and atmosphere control at the base side. The car may be offered with sensors for independent driving, however the organization could charge extra expenses to actuate them. The back seat tenants may get some extra legroom as the electric drive framework doesn’t require transmission burrow that spares bump space amidst the floor.

Charging units for tesla or tesla super chargers
Tesla superchargers or Charging unit for Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 will be offered with a 8 year, endless mile, transferable guarantee on the battery and drive unit.

Challenges for Tesla in India

Tesla is additionally known for its  ‘Autopilot’, a self-driving innovation which at first looked progressive, however went under the scanner after the passing of one US Autopilot client. Furthermore, in a nation like India, of conflicting path separators, activity flags and even billboards, use of Autopilot is much the same as taking eyes off the street.

Furthermore, despite everything we don’t have well developed streets and dependable electric system in many parts of the nation. Most Indians stop autos outside their homes ­­­out and about or under a tree, parks or open utility compounds­ – where arrangement of a charging point to connect to an auto is unfathomable.

Not only that, Tesla will have a tough drive in India where electric vehicles never really grabbed pace. Before Mahindra purchased controlling stake in the Bengaluru-based little e-carmaker in 2010, not very many had seen or even known about Reva, which today, Mahindra offers e2O at Rs 6 lakh, eVerito beginning Rs 9.50 lakh.

Electric bikes, for the most part mopeds, too have neglected to offer great because of poor constructed and short sturdiness of the item. Torq Motorcycles is at an early stage. The main fruitful electric vehicles here could be the e-rickshaws, because of their business utilize and unwinding in charges and authorizing of the proprietors.

Price: Tesla Model 3 will be available for $35,000 and it can be pre-booked here for $1000 whose delivery will be made by mid 2018 or later.

How it Will benefit Indian Economy

If Tesla comes and establishes their manufacturing unit in India it would a great step in Make in India initiative and will be highly beneficial for Indian economy. A company Like Tesla when will establish its manufacturing unit so many job opportunities will arrive for skilled youngsters of India. Indian Govt. is in processes of passing a new bill National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) by which India desires to have 6M electric vehicles on road by 2020, Tesla will surely bring a spike in sales of electronic vehicles thus helping Indian economy up-to a great extent.


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