Road Rash 4: Will be available for Gamers

Road Rash 4

Road Rash is one of the most popular games in 90’s. You have no right to call yourself a true gamer if you haven’t played this game. Every 90’s kid has spent many hours playing this awesome game. It is being said that Road Rash will make a comeback with its new game Road Rash 4. This a very good news for gamers all over the world because this is most loved game of all times. It is hoped to be available by mid 2018.

Road Rash was a 2-D street bike racing game in which you could get chased by police just like need for speed. You could use your hands and legs to attack the other racers and you can also attack on them with a chain. This game had very low graphics quality so it was playable on every computer and that’s why it was very popular those days. You could also perform a wheelie in this game.

The creator of Road Rash Dan Gielser said that if people want to have a 4th edition of Road Rash then development of the game must go on. He said that initially he did not focus on making Road Rash 4 because he was so tired at that time. He was working so hard on the on the very details of games that he was working about 20 hours a day, so he took his time off games and thus did not work on Idea of Road Rash 4. Right now EA sports holds the rights for Road Rash franchise , so there will be a lot of work required to get those rights back from them. He also says that he want to make Road Rash 4 because so many people want it and he has a good vision and blueprint for that Game’s graphics and functions.

Road Rash 1
This is how original Road Rash looked.

In 2013 Pixel Studio tried to make a game with same concept as Road Rash . That Game was Road Redemption. It was a very good game and was available for $40 but it could not attract as many gamers as it was supposed to do. EA sports has shown no Interest in proceeding with the other parts of Road Rash because they already have Blur type Combat based motorbike racing games. So Dan and his team might proceed with their project for Road Rash 4 by using the Crowdfunding method.

Road Rash 4 on VR

The creator of Road Rash Dan Gielser says that he has a good Idea of what kind of game Road Rash 4 should be. And today most of games are are using Virtual Reality (VR) technology and thus he says that he is thinking for launching the game with VR compatibility so that it will attract even bigger crowd of gamers. He added that they have sufficient money to move on with this project and all they need to do is find a way to get the rights of Road Rash back. He seems very cinfident about getting the rights of Road Rash, and lets hope he does get them back.


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