Top 5 Free Open World Games for Android

GTA 5 for android or GTA like games for Android

open world games for android

You all have played many Open world Games in PC and Consoles. GTA Vice city, Sanandreas, Mafia and watch dogs  are some of the best Open World games we have played. Playing Open world games Have Their own fun. Anybody can spend hours playing them on PC. But this is not enough for gamers. So Today I will discuss the Best Open World Games for Android. Unlike Call of duty and counter-strike and other FPS games open world games do not have 1st person view. You play game as if you are watching a guy doing things in a world ,like a movie. So here is the list of top 5 Free Open world games of android.

This are Open world games for android other Than GTA series and Gameloft’s Gangster series. These are some unexplored but good Open world games.

1. Block City Wars + skins export

If you love both minecraft and open world games than this is the game you have been waiting your whole life. Block City Wars + skins export is an awesome open world game that looks like as if its world is made up of blocks. This game has awesome programming, it’s just like GTA except for the visuals . You can drive cars, evade police fly jetpacks and what not. World in this game is full of possibilities and the best parts is that it is completely free. You will have amazing weapons to try here. believe me this is one hell of open world game.block city wars

It also has a great story just like Grand theft auto games. You can also play this online with friends and other random players all over the world. You can have fun by killing zombies on street too. This is a game that must be played.

You can download this game from here.

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2. Vast Survival (Multiplayer)

Vast is an awesome and all new multiplayer open world game. All you have to do is survive in all the adverse condition this world offers you. The only goal is to survive with the features such as crafting, building, voice chat, military bases, hunting, and the much more. New features will be added by the time. Currently this game is free with some ads and in app purchases. You can play this game it would be a new and good experience to play such game in android. You can hunt animals too just like you do in PC game Far cry 3 and others. vast survival multiplayer

You can download this game from here.

3. Experiment Z – Zombie

Experiment Z – Zombie Android world’s most anticipated survival based open world game. With awesome programming and visuals this game is one of its kind. If you love zombies adventure games then should play this game as soon as possible. you wont be disappointed by what this game offers. This game is full of action, thrill and adventure. You can play this game with your friends and other people.experiment z zombies

But here is the catch you can’t crouch or lie down like call of duty and other games. It is a multiplayer open world game which have a little control issues but is a good game. This game is also a First person game, which is very much cool.

You can download this game from here

4. Mission: Berlin

Mission Berlin is an open world game with awesome story-line that can be played both single-player and multiplayer. You can play as two player, one is CIA agent and other is KGB’s best agent . This game good missions and weapon controls. although some missions are pretty tough, but your overall gaming experience will be good. This is a game based on spying missions. You can also drive cars in this game although some cars are locked. you can also enter cheat codes in this game. This is a cool Open world game.mission berlin

You can download this game from here.

5. Beast Quest

Beast quest is a role-playing open world game by Miniclip games. This is a story based game in which you will have to free beasts from the evil enchantments so that they wont destroy the world. there are no guns in this game you will have to play with swords just like old era. This is one of the highly rated open world games on play store. This game is full of action and has a good story you should try it out.

beast quest

You can download this game from here.


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