How to watch Netflix shows for free

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Who doesn’t like TV serials. Most people can finish a complete season in just one night. Netflix is one of the biggest TV content provider available. But It costs a lot of money if you want its premium subscription. Here is a way you can save some money and watch not just Netflix shows but any other shows and movies for free . Yes you don’t have to pay anything.

Now the big question is how can you actually watch Netflix shows for free. Some people suggest that you can use Torrent sites. But I don’t think this is a very good method, because searching every episode on torrent site and finding something new for you to watch on Torrent sites can be a big headache. Also Torrent sites are Going to be banned by search engines sooner than you can imagine ,maybe by the next year.

You can follow following steps to access Netflix content for free. All these methods are already tested. Feel free to use them. Doesn’t matter if you are an android phone user, a PC user or Android TV user we have something for everyone. Read Every Word Very Carefully or you Might get stuck and won’t understand how this all works.

1. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is an amazing app to watch Netflix shows and movies for free using android phone. Terrarium TV lets you access TV content from various sites. It has a very large library which is updated everyday. It lets you browse and search content by various categories. You can also watch movies on Terrarium TV. You can also download content in which whichever quality you want. You can add your TV shows to favorites.

Terrarium Tv
Terrarium TV browse Screen.

Here is the best part: It lets you watch TV shows without forcing you to use a VPN. So you can watch TV shows with your full internet speed. You can also add subtitles to you stream. You can also browse content through various Genres. Which is pretty cool.

You can download Terrarium TV from here.


Kodi is the one you might be hearing every now and then this year. This like a very famous method to watch TV shows, movies and anything you want on your mobile,TV or computer. Kodi is avaialable for almost every platform and operating system. You can use it on Android, windows, linux or MacOS. Kodi is a very powerful open source application that can be exploited to watch TV shows. It has it’s own media player and it can fetch subtitles for your stream too.

Kodi ‘most poplar TV shows’ browse screen.

But here’s the catch: Kodi lets you watch TV shows by installing some add-ons in its directory. You will need to install Exodus Addon in Kodi which is believe me is a tricky part of this method. You will need to watch various tutorials to install Exodus in KODI. But once it is done you can have flawless TV service for free.

You can Download Kodi from here.

Here is a complete Step-by step guide to set-up Kodi.

3. Mobdro

Mobdro is a Live TV watching app. This is probably the most underrated but most powerful tool to access TV for free. The most amazing thing about Mobdro is that It lets to watch Live TV.  You can watch a TV show at exact time when it is aired you don’t have to wait for it to be uploaded. You can also record your shows for later just by adding start and end time of show in record setting. You can browse through channels based on language and genre. It has almost every channel and channels for every language. See how cool is this you don’t have to worry about someone giving you spoilers about your favorite show as you can watch them as they are released.MObdro

Mobdro has almost every type of channels like news,sports,cartoon, serials, religious , music etc. Here is the best feature you can simply search the show you want to watch and Mobdro will switch to channel on which that show is being played.

You can download Mobdro from here.


  • Thanks for reading the article. Although these methods are tested and working use them at your own risk.
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