Top 10 Websites that can help you get smarter than others

Get smarter and gain knowledge

It is always good and beneficial in many ways to be smarter than those around you. There are so many ways to get smarter but there are some awesome Websites that can make smarter than others. These websites have proved themselves to be useful in increasing IQ and knowledge which always leads to a confident personality. It’s anything but difficult to overlook that we have entry to a for all intents and purposes boundless asset of data, that is the Internet. For a considerable measure of us, this is even valid readily available, on account of the pervasiveness of cell phones and a steadily expanding push for online enormity by tech designs everywhere throughout the world.Therefore, there are innumerable sites out there that are adapted to make you more quick witted and more splendid for either a low or no cost.

1. Unplug The TV

This is an awesome website that encourages you to turn of all the sources of entertainment like TV and YouTube etc. It generates a link for you whenever you want. That link will take you to some interesting content which will provide you knowledge and will nourish your mind with some good stuff. Every-time it will take you to an education YouTube video that you can watch. And if you don’t want to watch that video it an give you another.


2. MIT Open Courseware

Who does not want to study at MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology). But not everybody is lucky enough to get a chance to pursue their interests at MIT. But Thanks to some People at MIT, MIT provides thousands of online courses with the help of Open Courseware. So many people use this website to gain Knowledge for which some go to MIT. It offers many free online courses that you can access to get smarter.


3. Thesaurus

Want to get smarter? A rich vocabulary is a very important aspect of a smart person’s talks. Thesaurus is a very rich source of synonyms and others words that you can use to enhance you vocabulary. This website can also help you in doing you your college work based on literature.


4. Spreeder

A smart person usually posses the ability to read things faster so that he can process them faster too. But our speed of reading text is limited by the way we are doing it ever since we learned to read. Spreeder helps you overcome all those limitation and increase your reading speed. This website is totally free and you can access it anytime.


5. Factsie

Love facts? This is the site you have been always looking for. This is an awesome website that also generates links for you. By visiting those links you can learn new facts about different things that would have never even thought about. This site shows you informative YouTube videos. If you wanna get smarter you should give it a try . You wont be disappointed.


6. Project Gutenberg

Reading interesting and informative books is a very important step to get smarter. But usually books are quite expensive and  most of people don’t want to spend their money on books. Thankfully Project Gutenberg is an awesome online library with thousands of free e-books that you can read whenever you want. And there is nothing to worry about this website, It is completely legal.

7. Investopedia

It is just like  Wikipedia yet with an attention on money related markets. It is intense for those of us without a business degree to comprehend what’s going on in the realm of fund. Investopedia will help with that – they give budgetary news processes that are genuinely straightforward notwithstanding for those of us who don’t have the foggiest idea about the main thing about cash. Investopedia was destined to give a news blog that makes it simple to process and truly comprehend the monetary markets. There are huge amounts of assets like instructional exercises and recordings that will help you stay aware of the steadily changing universe of cash, and the news stories will hold you returning for additional.


8. Codecademy

In the event that you haven’t seen at this point, the Internet has essentially assumed control over everything, which implies the ability of coding and creating sites is in higher request than at any other time, and that is not liable to change. With Codeacademy, you can utilize free instructional exercises that show you the fundamentals of coding with intelligent and convenient apparatuses for helping you turn into a specialist.


9. HowStuffWorks

There are things we need to think about, and after that there are things we didn’t know we needed to think about. HowStuffWorks addresses the last by giving data on an assortment of points and enlightening truths that will expand your perspectives. If you want to get smarter you should have knowledge of how things that are around you work. This is the website you should really visit.


10. Geek In Town

To get smarter you should really stay in touch with this website. This website helps in gaining all the knowledge and information about the stuff that is important and beneficial for you. It keeps you updated with all the knowledge of Technology, Gadgets, Gaming, Movies , Automobiles and all the others stuff like physics, new researches that you should know if you want to get smarter.


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