Torrent Sites are getting banned by Google,Yahoo and Bing

Google,yahoo,bing ban torrent

Earlier this year Ban on Kickass torrent was a great blow to worldwide torrent users. Ban Of kickass torrent was almost like ban of whole torrent that even also said its goodbye. But until now somehow Thepiratebay and extratorrent had been keeping torrents on track and were ensuring regular seeding and uploading of new files. But now might be a good time to enjoy the last moments of what is left for the name torrents as big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have decided to permanently ban torrent providing websites from the search results.

The reports form various sources like TorrentFreak tells that there was a meeting held in United Kingdom where search engines like Google,Yahoo, and Bing  met with Entertainment Industry and signed a deal. British intellectual Property office played a major role in facilitating the deal in which the main search engines have agreed to ban all torrent sites which provides copyrighted material like Games, movies, TV shows, magazines, apps and software etc.

the-pirate-bay ban

It is also reported that UK authorities are hoping for this bill to come into existence as soon as possible as 1st June 2017. A representative of digital economic bill stated that this bill was discussed in UK parliament last year and Intellectual Property office wants to have more meetings with the search engines and the relative industries. He also said that the search engines are very supportive to the initiative and are working hard to make changes in search algorithms, procedures and processes to band the the Torrent sites and stepping towards piracy free internet.

Some countries like India have already reduced traffic to Torrent sites with the help of internet service provides like Airtel, Tata etc. Once this bill is passed in UK it will not take much time for this initiative to be implemented in whole world.

Will banning Torrent sites really make internet piracy free ?

If you think that Banning Torrent sites like Thepiratebay, extratorrent etc will make internet piracy free than you are completely wrong there are so many ways to access copyrighted content after ban of torrent sites by Google,Yahoo and Bing. Lets not discuss those ways today.But Banning of torrent sites  will help greatly to reduce the traffic generated by torrent sites and thus it will reduce piracy and access of copyrighted material on internet up-to a great and significant amount.

How Ban of Torrent sites is helpful ?

Torrent provide paid copyrighted material and contents for free, which results in decrease in revenue generated by companies that hold the copyright of material and thus also affects economy of a country badly. Movies earn less money because the are leaked of provided on Torrent sites also some people provide malicious content and play with privacy of a internet user. So this initiative is very helpful in stopping access of copyrighted material for free and protecting the privacy of a user. Although those who love torrent will be so much angry with this decision.




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