Zealandia: The 8th continent discovered

Zelandia the hidden continent

We all are familiar with the seven continents that are Asia, North America, South America, Antartica, Africa, Europe and Australia. But these are not the only continents anymore the list just got gkt another entry when researchers discoverd a new continent in the Pacific Ocean. The name of this new member of contenent family is Zealandia .  This newly discovered continent is peresent in 4.5 million sq.mile of area and 94% of this Zealandia is burried in ocean. Zealandia will be the world’s smallest continent beating Australia in the race. The largest continent is Asia.

Zealandia in graph

This hidden continent Zealandia is has New Zealand and New Caledonia as its parts. New Zealand and New Caledonia are connected by this underwater continent. Zealandia is has its own existance it doesn’t connect or touch with the Antarctic or austraila and is almost underwater and that’s how it keot hidden for a very long time.

To recognize a continent, geologists consider four criteria: to start with, height over the sea depths; second, if molten, transformative, and sedimentary rocks can discovered; third, if the land is involved a thicker bit of outside layer analyzed against the sea depths; and fourth, if there obviously characterized confines around a range greater than a mainland part or microcontinent. Geologists have known for a considerable length of time New Zealand and New Caledonia fit criteria one through three, yet in their new review, the 11 researchers drew on satellite gravity information to help perceive Zealandia as a landmass around the measure of more prominent India.

Zealandia on globe
Zealandia on globe

On the off chance that you think you’ve heard “Zealandia” some time recently, this is on the grounds that geophysicist Bruce Luyendyk, who wasn’t a piece of the new review, instituted the name in 1995, to allude to the two islands and other submerged bits of outside layer that once severed Gondwana. Luyendyk said he wasn’t attempting to depict another mainland then, yet he supposes the researchers’ find will be acknowledged. He revealed to Business Insider, “These individuals here are A-rundown earth researchers. I think they have assembled a strong gathering of proof that is truly careful. I don’t see that there will be a ton of pushback, with the exception of perhaps around the edges.”

In the Geological Society of America’s research journal GSA Today, 11 researchers from organizations in New Zealand, New Caledonia, and Australia uncovered the find. They guarantee New Caledonia and New Zealand aren’t only an island chain as was once thought, however are a piece of one 1.89 million square mile bit of mainland hull that involves Zealandia. When some portion of the supercontinent Gondwana, now just around five percent of Zealandia is over the sea’s surface.

Luyendyk said there are clear financial ramifications to the review. Joined Nations understandings frequently portray mainland retires as limits that help decide asset extraction, and as indicated by Business Insider New Zealand may have several billions of dollars of minerals and fossil powers close to its shores.


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