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the awesome movie- its kind a funny story

Everytime we get bored the only thing that comes in our mind is to watch a good movie. But question is which are good movies to watch. Today we will discuss about top 10 awesome movies that everyone should watch atleast once in their life time.

1. Lars and The Real Girl

Lars and The Real Girl is an American-Canadian comedy/drama film which was released on October 12 2007 and was a big blockbuster. The movie was given 7.4/10 by IMDb and 81% by rotten tomatoes. Lars and the real girl was directed by Craig Gillespie and it has Ryan Gosling as Lars Lindstrom in Lead role, Emily Mortimer and Paul Schneider. This movie did not earn very much on box office but it was very much appreciated by critics and it also received Academy award for Best Original Screenplay.Ryan Gosling also got a Golden Globe for his best acting in this movie.lars and the real girl awesome movie

This movie is about a man named Lars Lindstrom who has been living same, dull and boring life for a very long time. One day he orders a lifelike doll named Bianca from an adult site and treats her as if she is a real woman. Understanding Lars’s mental condition doctor advises his family to play along and  pretend that Bianca is a real girl. This movie shows Lars’s nonsexual romance  with Bianca in an amazing way that you will really appreciate this movie.

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2. It’s Kind of a Funny story

It’s Kind of an American Romance-Drama movie released on October 8 2010. This movie was directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck and has Zach Galifianakis as Booby who is also a good reason to watch this movie. This earned only $6.5 million on box office but it was very much appreciated by critic and audience although it got 7.2/10 by IMDb and 58% by rotten tomatoes. But it is a great movie and you should really watch it.its kind a funny story awesome movie

The story revolves around Keir Gilchrist whose name in movie is Craig Gilner. Craig is a secondary school junior, in the talented program, captivated by his closest companion’s young lady. When he understands he’s self-destructive, he takes a look at himself into the psychiatric ward of a healing center, supposing they’ll do a perception, help him, and send him home in time for school the following day. Once in, notwithstanding, he should remain for seven days; the adolescent ward is being remodeled, so he’s in with grown-ups and also a couple of young people. Bobby, a man with a youthful little girl, indicates him around; Craig sees Noelle, about his age. He triesto shield his companions from discovering where he is. Seemingly insignificant details: he draws, goes to treatment, sings, helps Bobby practice a meeting.

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3. Brick

Brick is an American Thriller/Action movie that released on March 31st 2006. This movie was directed by Rian Johnson and it was a $500,000 budget movie while it got a rating of 7.4/10 by IMDb and 80% by rotten tomatoes . Brick was highly appreciated by bot critics and audience. Brick has Joseph Gordon Lee as Brendan in lead or main role, Lukas Hass as The pin and Emilie de Ravin as Emily. This is a must watch movie and can be enjoyed by every age group.brick awesome movie

This movie revolves around Brendan. The desolate young person Brendan discovers his previous sweetheart Emily dead in the passage of a passage of sewage and reviews her telephone call two days prior, when she said to him that she was in a bad position. Brendan, who still cherished Emily, met terrible components of his secondary school attempting to get in touch with her, and when he succeeded, she revealed to him that she was OK. He conceals her body in the passage and chooses
to explore the significance and association of four words, including “block” and “stick”, that Emily instructed him to discover who executed her. Utilizing the support of his geek companion Brain, he progressively meets the little time street pharmacists Kara, Dode, Brad Bramish, Laura and Tugger, to achieve the young person capable street pharmacist The Pin. Gradually, Brendan unwinds the intentions why Emily was slaughtered and plots a reprisal.

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