Top Upcoming Hollywood Movies

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Hollywood movies has always been full of action, thrill, drama and comedy that’s why everybody loves Hollywood. There are many awesome movies releasing this year and their trailers are also out.

1. The Circle

The Circle is a Emma Watson starring movie directed by James Ponsoldt. This movie is based on famous book The Circle by Dave Eggers. This is A Sci-Fi Thriller movie and has Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, Karen Jillen etc in movie. Emma Watson is playing the role of Mae Holland,who is the latest young member of the circle in movie. Eller Colrane is playing the role of Mae Holland’s boyfriend and Patton Oswalt is playing the role of co-founder of circle. This movie is about a young girl who joins a company and with her hardwork and dedication makes to the top ranks and one she finds that her privacy is being compromised with extreme surveillance and with that her freedom and privacy becomes her prime concern. And she finally learns that her decisions and activities are deciding the fate of mankind. This movie will release on 28th April 2017 United States. You can watch its trailer here. The cirlce emma


2. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in this Shell is an American Sci-fi movie directed by Rupert Sander and starring Scarlet Johansson. This movie is produced by Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks. The film will be release on 29 March 2017. The film has Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi, Takeshi Kitano, juliette Binosche etc actors. This movie is about The Major(Scarlett Johansson) wjo is a trained specialist in field operations and she is a half human and half robot Cyborg Hybrid who leads Force 9 which is an team of trained fighters. The Major’s only aim is to stop world’s most dangerous criminals and bad guys and during her missions she comes across an enemy whose only mission to destroy the very company that created The Major that is Hanka Robotics Advancement in Cyber Technology. This movie is full of action and thrill and it shows how The Major deals with her new enemy. You can  watch its trailer here.



3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

This is an Hollywood action/Fantasy film based on a fictional character Jack Sparrow who is a humorous character who is the life of movie. The whole story-line of movie revolves around Jack Sparrow who in this movie is played By Johnny Depp. This movie has Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, Javier Bardem as Captain Salazar, Stephen Graham as Scrum and Adam Brown as Jib. This a $317 million budget movie which is directed by Joachim Ronning and Espen Dandberg. This movie is also know as Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge. In this movie Captain Salazar pursues and tries to destroy his old enemy or rival Jack Sparrow. In this movie Captain Salazar has finally escaped from Devil’s Triangle and this time he has company of his crew of ghost pirates and his only aim is to kill every pirate in the sea. Jack’s only hope is to find the Trident of Poseidon that will give him power to control everything in seas just like the one that Aquaman has. This movie will be released on 26th May 2017. You can watch its trailer here.



4. Transformers: The Last Knight

This is the 5th Part Of Transformers series Based on Transformers Comic books. This is a $260M budget movie with amazing visuals, action and thrill. This movie is directed by Micheal Bay and story is written by Akiva Goldsman. This movie has Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Isabela Moner, Liam Garrigan etc. This is an American Sci-fi movie based on Cybertronian organisms that look pretty much like robots and have ability to transform between robot form and vehicle form. The movie has many characters that are very much loved by audience like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Galvatron and many more. This movie depicts a war between mankind and Cybertronians. Autobots are being hunted by humans. During this war Cade Yeager(Mark Wahlberg) is in Transformer’s team and some people finally gets to know that why Cybertronians keep coming to Earth. This movie will be released in 23rd March 2017. you can watch its trailer here.


5. It Comes at Night

As its obvious from its name It Comes at Night is an American Horror movie expected to release on 25th August 2017. This movie is directed and written by Trey Edward shults and it is produced by A2A production company.  This movie has Riley Keough as Kim, Joel Edgerton, Christopher abbot, Carmen Ejogo and kelvin Harrison Jr. This movie is about a mesterious entity or shadaow that lives in a house of three living person a man, his wife and his son. and this movie shows how that man struggles to save his family from dark powers. you can watch its teaser here.





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