10 ways to keep your Computer Healthy and Safe(Virus, Malware, Adware and Trojan free)

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It is a very difficult task to ensure health and safety of your computer. Cyber world is filled with Viruses,Trojans, Malware, Adware and Spyware and your PC needs protection from such threats present on Internet. Other than this to ensure that your computer work fine for a long period you should keep it healthy. So lets discuss ways to keep your computer healthy and safe on internet.

1. Purchase genuine Operating System and Keep it updated.

It is very important to purchase and use genuine operating system to keep your computer healthy and safe. If you are using Windows you should buy it from Microsoft store, you should not use a pirated windows which is cracked by some software. Doing this would not only compromise security of your data but also the performance of your computer will be slower. Same is applied for OSX if you are using Apple’s operating system you should buy it from Apple store.

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You should keep your Operating system(Windows, OSX, Linux, Ubuntu) updated or you may face serious problems and issues with performance of your computer. Companies like Microsoft, Apple and Ubuntu release regular updates for user so that their Computer remain safe from malicious content present on internet and updating your system also helps in eradication of bugs and issues present in previous builds of operating system. To Keep Your Operating system updated, Go to settings>Updates>check for Updates.


2. Keep Your Windows Defender Updated 

It is very important to keep your Windows defender updated in order to keep you computer safe from malicious content present on internet and your system. Always keep Defender’s virus definition updated and keep it Real-Time Protection on. For windows 10 Microsoft Defender is a very powerful toll to keep your computer clean and safe of Trojans and Malware. Never ignore the notifications of Windows defender regarding the identification of malicious content found in your system. If your Defender notifies you of malicious content, then go to defender and remove those malicious content present in its list. There is an option to quarantine the malicious content too.Windows-Defender in different situations


3. Purchase a good Antivirus

It very important for safety of your computer and your personal data that you Purchase and install a good antivirus in your computer. Do not use free or cracked Antiviruses as their database is not updated regularly and they often slow down your PC and steal your data. A good antivirus protects your computer from all viruses that try to get into your system everyday. Thousands of new viruses are created everyday by Hackers which makes it very for your computer to have an Antivirus. An Antivirus also protects your computer from Spyware attacks that try to steal your personal data everyday  and sell it to others for money. So to prevent such Things from Happening it is very important to purchase and install a good Antivirus. Avast, Quick-Heal, McAfee, Norton, AVG, Guardian etc are some top and reliable Antiviruses.

You can buy McAfee Antivirus from here.

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You can Buy Avast Antivirus from here.


4. Install Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is a very powerful tool to tackle all the problems related to Malware present in your computer. Antiviruses and Windows Defender are very good software to kill Viruses and Trojans but when it comes to Malware there is no software present that can match its capability. Malwarebytes has a very large database and identifies almost every Malware present on Internet. It updates its database with every Malware it encounters and keeps your computer safe by eliminating the main source of Malware problems in your computer. Malwarebytes is a must have software for your computer and you should have it in your computer it you want to keep it safe from malicious content. Malwarebytes also protect your computer various Adwares that pushes annoying Advertisements on your homescreen and perform browser hijacking.

You can Install Malwarebytes from here.


5. Use Pop-up Blocker

Pop-ups are without any doubt are the most annoying things present on internet. They not only irritate user by popping up now and then but also are a big source of Malware and Spywares that enter your computer and damages it . It is very Important For you to keep the disable pop-ups. You don’t need any third party app to get rid of annoying pop-ups you can simply do it by visiting the settings of your browser.

If you are using Google Chrome then go to Settings>Then under privacy click on content setting>then scroll down and select ‘do not allow any site to show pop-ups.’

Google Chrome pop-up blocking
Blocking pop-ups in Google Chrome

Same way pop-ups can be disabled  Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft edge.


 6. Install software like C-Cleaner and IO-bit

It very important to keep your computer’s resources free from undue and irrelevant burden of applications and software that are not needed anymore but keeps consuming your Ram and processing and internet. Software like C-Cleaner and IObit stops the background tasks that are not needed by system anymore but consume your resources. This reduces burden on your computer and enhances its performances. These software also let you uninstall unwanted application with removal of their registry and cache they build. C-Cleaner and IObit also help in removing temporary files and cookies thus freeing disk for other important things. IObit also helps your system calibrate to settings for best gaming performance.

You can Download IObit from here.

You can download C-Cleaner from here.


7. Keep your Computer’s drivers updated

It very important to Keep all your drivers updated in order to have your hardware components work. If your hardware do not work up-to their full potential then it is very much unlikely that your computer will have a good performance. For example if you do not update your graphics card driver you might not be able to play some new video games that may run if you update your graphics card. You can update by drivers by device manager.

Right-click on My Computer icon> properties> device manager> select the hardware whose driver you want to update> click on update drivers>search automatically for updated driver software.

updating drivers
Right click and select update drivers


8. Do not visit and download anything from unverified sources

Do not visit unverified website that your search engine says is harmful for your computer. Do not fall for traps of websites that offer you free software. Visiting to such sites can compromise your cyber privacy and they often offer malicious content that is harmful for your computer and you data.

malicious website warning
Never take this warning lightly.

9. Do not allow Firewall access to unauthorized sources.

Your computer’s firewall is the only thing originally available to you to protect your data from unauthorized access by those who wish to steal it. Firewall is a unit that keeps account and monitor all the upstream and downstream activities to and from your computer. It has a set of predefined rules. So do never allow access of your firewall to unknown and unauthorized sources. there are also many software present on internet that can protract your firewall from unwanted access.

10. Contact Service center

Whenever you encounter any serious problem with the functioning of your computer, contact your service center and get it resolved as soon as possible or it can affect functioning of other parts of your computer.


  • Follow above mentioned methods and keep your computer safe and healthy.
  • Thanks for reading the article. If you have any query regarding the article please let me know in comments.


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