Android O is finally out and it will boost your battery life

Google finally Released Developer Preview of Android O.

Android O developer preview
  • Here is a good news for developers. Google has finally released the developer preview of Android 8 or commonly called Android O. Android 7 Nougat was released in August 2016 and it has not been rolled out to may devices. Very few devices run on Android Nougat. Only about 3% of all android devices have Android Nougat present in them. So it looks a bit early to release Android 8. There is no official name decided for this andrid yet . It will be called Android O until its name is decided. Android O has promised to solve many issues that previous versions have failed to do.

Not all devices can run Developer Preview of Android O. Right now Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus Players, Nexus C and Google’s own phones Pixel released  year 2016 will be able to run this developer preview.

Android alerts this form ought to just be utilized by engineers and isn’t expected for every day utilize. “The typical admonitions apply: it’s initial days, there are more components coming, there’s still a lot of adjustment and execution work in front of us,” Dave Burke, VP of building at Android, said in a blog entry.

Amongst now and general society dispatch, Android O will experience a few distinct forms and be tried by engineers and those on Android’s beta plan. There’s no official dispatch date for Google O however here’s all that we think about it and the new components up until now.

What’s New in Android O

1. Battery Life in Android O

With release of Android O preview :

” Building on the work we began in Nougat, Android O puts a big priority on improving a user’s battery life and the device’s interactive performance.”

In Android O Your phone will will increase your battery life by automatically limiting the functions that are performed by an App running in background. Android O will not allow an App to consume Data and other resources in background. According to google Android O will stop app’s services and location update to help improve battery life.

It means that your phone will kinda stay on battery saver mode forever. It will not only save your battery but also prevent your excess mobile data usage and over heating of your phone. So this is actually a good feature found in android O.

2. New Notification Control in Android O

Push Notifications in phone come in many structures from may apps like Facebook messages, messages, Fit-bit updates are some of them. It’s conceivable to suffocate in alarms that may not be needed around then or are unessential. Android O is attempting to change this with ‘notification channels‘.Android O notifications

The new channels will permit engineers to make a ‘brought together framework’ to let telephone clients deal with the warnings they see. For the working framework, it will be conceivable to set notice needs and significance levels through a whole channel.”For instance, you may setup isolate notice channels for every discussion aggregate made by a client in an informing application,” Android says of the component. It will likewise be feasible for a telephone to utilize a similar interface to oversee warning settings.

3. Autofill feature in device

Google is introducing Autofill feature in android devices. It means that just like chrome and other browsers android devices will be able to auto-fill content in other places too.

4. PIP mode(Picture in Picture)

Android O has made Multitasking easier than ever. It will allow you to play videos in picture in picture mode. Thus you wont have to pause your movie to reply someone on Facebook.

5.  Changing Icons in Android O

Over the Android environment, there are an assortment of gadget makers. Google delivers its own telephones however those from LG, Sony, HTC and numerous more keep running on forms of the Android working framework.

Changing icons
Android O has icons that change after some time

Each Android gadget is somewhat extraordinary and the firm is changing how an application’s symbol can show on various gadgets. “Android O presents versatile launcher symbols, which can show an assortment of shapes crosswise over various gadget models,” it says in a blog entry. This implies on a telephone, an application can have a roundabout symbol on the home screen and on another telephone it might be a square.


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