Best JARVIS like Virtual Assistants for Computer


Virtual Assistants are the base of new world that is being build with advancement in Artificial Intelligence. A virtual Assistant helps a user with so many things like reading mails, setting remainders, gathering news and performing other tasks. There are so many Virtual Assistants available for PC on internet and some of them are very good. Today we will discuss about.

1. Cortana

We have Cortana on the top of the list because it comes pre-installed with windows 10. You can not use it on windows 7 or windows 8. Cortana is an real world Virtual Assistant of ‘Cortana‘ that helps Master Chief in Halo. Cortana can help you with the news and articles of you interests. It can set remainders ,play music , it can do maths and can talk to you whenever you need. You can play scissor paper rock with her. She can tell you jokes, stories and can even sing for you. Cortana has a very good speech recognition system and does have a very lovely voice. You have to login with your Microsoft account so that Cortana can do her best.

cortana virtual assistant for pc

2. Denise Virtual Assistant

Denise is the best third party Virtual Assistant available for Windows and Mac PC. It has thousands of active users in more than 70 countries. Denise is a highly advanced virtual assistant with awesome graphics and functioning. It has great accent, vocabulary and pronunciation. It has a female voice and world’s best voice recognition system. It is a very advance Artificial Intelligence program that can adapt and customize itself for the best interests of user. It can read your mails out loud for you, it can collect news for you can provide a best interaction with your computer .

Denise Virtual assistant
This the Denise Model and Media Player customization screen of Denise Virtual Assistant.

Denise mirrors a genuine person, utilizing facial acknowledgment, content to-discourse and discourse acknowledgment innovation to distinguish clients, comprehend discourse questions, look for the best answers and talk out loud vital data and indexed lists. Her manmade brainpower mind can learn, adjust, be enhanced and altered independent from anyone else or by clients by adding custom question and replies to accomplish particular assignments. Denise accompanies an exceptionally characteristic  English female voice to change over any content to discourse in a practically female human like voice. You can likewise utilize some other SAPI5 perfect TTS voice.

Denise is an extremely remarkable programming. Inside time, she will enhance until the day nobody will have the capacity to separate her from a genuine person. Sci-fi PC collaborators have at long last touched base to everybody!

You Can Get Denise Virtual Assistant from here.


3. SYN virtual assistant

SYN virtual assistant is a virtual artificially intelligent assistant for PC. It has good AI programming it can perform tasks in your computer, open websites, read mails and chat using voice commands and audio output. Graphics of SYN models are not very good and is not as good as Denise but it is light virtual assistant with only 90 MB setup size. SYN is a simple but effective Virtual Assistant. With the help of SYN Virtual Assistant you can control your computer with your voice commands. It can recognize your voice very well and keeps learning with the searches and queries you make. And most important it comes with a JARVIS theme. 

SYN virtual assistant AI
SYN virtual assistant does not have HD graphic models but it do have lots of potential.

4. Braina

This is an Artificially Intelligent virtual assistant designed by Brainasoft. Braina can assist you do things you do regularly . It is a multi-utilitarian programming that gives a solitary window condition to control your PC and perform extensive variety of errands utilizing voice orders. It can take a correspondence (discourse to content), look data on the Internet, it can play the melodies you need to listen, it can open or pursuit records on your PC, it can set cautions and updates, it can do numerical figurings, recollect notes for you, computerize different PC assignments, read ebooks and much more. Braina is an aftereffect of strong research work done in the field of counterfeit consciousness. We are attempting to make Braina an advanced right hand that can comprehend, think and even gain as a matter of fact like a human mind. Braina does dialect understanding and gains from discussion.

virtual assistant braina
It has a simple GUI but it does have a very effective and powerful programming.

It is available for android also so you can control your PC remotely using you android device. It can take notes and is a must have software for computer. It is a very simple but effective virtual assistant and does not have any HD graphics model. You can download Braina from here.


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