Get started with Artificial Intelligence and build your own JARVIS

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is t branch of Computer Science which deals with development of software or applications or machines that are have human like intelligence or that they can create a response by themselves and learn from their experiences. Term Artificial Intelligence is used when a machine acts like humans or interacts with real environment in way a human does. Artificially Intelligent machines usually posses the ability to reasoning, Learning and solution finding.

Types Of Artificial Intelligence

1. Weak AI

This kind of the most basic AI. It is also called Narrow AI. It generally focus on a single specified task and doesn’t posses any self awareness or real intelligence. It is just a well coded program that can can find solutions to the queries it is designed for using its coding and database. e.g. Bots

2. Strong AI

It is a very useful type of AI almost all the AI software and programs use this type of AI. This general type and this intelligence can be compared to intelligence level of a human mind. Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant are some excellent examples of Strong AI. A big research is going in this field and so much is still there to find.

3. Artificial Superintelligence

This is the most important type of AI which is still beyond the reach of humanity. This is the type of AI that is much more intelligent than a human mind in literally every scenario or field and condition. Many scientists and researchers are afraid of using Artificial Superintelligence in future because they think that it can be a reason of human extinction just like Terminator.python

How To Get Started With AI and pre-requisites for it

  • The most Important thing to get started with Artificial Intelligence is that you should have a working or practical knowledge of computer, which I think you have otherwise you wont be interested in reading this article.
  • You should have knowledge of atleast one programming language to advance in AI. There are so many programming languages you can go for but I will recommend that you opt for Python. Python is very easy to learn and implement and is mostly used for making AI assistants and its libraries are much better for machine learning.
  • You can download Python for Windows from here.
  • You can download it in other Operating Systems(Linux or Ubuntu) by using this command pip install pytttsx .
  • You should have Microsoft speech API installed in you computer.

Start Creating Your Own Jarvis

So like I said its easier to start with Python so this beginner tutorial is for Python language. There is nothing to worry if you know any of programming language, believe you can easily relate to the code written in Python. Recently Facebook’s Founder Mark Zuckerberg also made his own AI assistant and he also used Python.

You can use Sphinx to covert audio input into text format. Or you can use Google Services or too.

Now for basic programming all you need to Do is type this program in Python.

import speech_recognition
 import pyttsx

speech_engine = pyttsx.init('sapi5') 
 speech_engine.setProperty('rate', 150)

def speak(text):

recognizer = speech_recognition.Recognizer()

def listen():
  with speech_recognition.Microphone() as source:
  audio = recognizer.listen(source)

  return recognizer.recognize_sphinx(audio)
  # or: return recognizer.recognize_google(audio)
  except speech_recognition.UnknownValueError:
  print("Could not understand audio")
  except speech_recognition.RequestError as e:
  print("Recog Error; {0}".format(e))

 return ""

speak("Say something!")
 speak("I heard you say " + listen())

Your Basic AI assistant JARVIS is ready to use. For adding further functions use your imagination and then write the code to implement those functions. You can rfer to online tutorials and books.

  • This article was about getting started with JARVIS otherwise JARVIS is a Artificial Superintelligence so if you really want to make it you will have to work really hard for it.


  • Thanks for reading the article. If you have any query please let me know in the comments.



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