Google Assistant On Any Android Device

Google assistant MWC 2017

MWC 2017(Mobile World Congress) has begun today. Many companies showed their new products and shared their plans for future but Alphabet Inc.’s Google came up with the best news for Tech lovers. Google announced that its Google Assistant will now be available for every android user not just those who own a Google Pixel Device. This is a huge step taken by Google to takeover the Hype of Apple’s Siri. This was the most appreciated event happened today in MWC 2017. So now other companies will be able to use Google assistant in their devices thus giving an additional boost to android devices which is facing a big competition from Iphones.

What is Google Assistant ?

Google assistant is smart digital Artificial intelligent(A.I) assistant developed by Google Inc. It is currently available in Google Pixel, Google’s messaging app Allo, Google Home and other wearable devices. Google Assistant is like an updated application of Google Now. It can interact with user and provide responses related to the queries user have. It was originally available for only pixel which runs on Android Nougat 7.0 . It is available in many languages such as English, German, Hindi, Japanese etc. It can perform various tasks like making a call, checking weathers, remainders and providing other useful content and info.

Google Assistant on Marshmallow

Today on 26 February 2017 Google has announced that Its famous Google Assistant will be now officially available for all devices that run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later. Before this people could only get Google Assistant by using unofficial methods that involved rooting device and editing Build.prop or altering the Google App apk  using apktools.Google assistant pichai MWC 2017

How to Get Google Assistant Now

Google will now officially roll out an update for its native Google App. The new version that will come with Google Assistant  will be Stable Google App v6.13.19.21 . Google actually provided Google Assistant with an alpha update last week which is no longer a viable method for getting Google Assistant.

Google Assistant was one of the greatest things to leave 2016 from Google in the field of counterfeit consciousness. Lamentably, the element so far wasn’t accessible to any outsider gadgets or designers, and was constrained to Allo application, Pixel and Pixel XL gadgets, the Google Home speaker, and Android TV gadgets. Informally however, anybody can profit the administration through Open GApps assembles, the famous Google Apps bundle provider.LG worked intimately with the Pixel creator to guarantee that the South Korean organization’s own administrations, similar to its logbook and wake up timer applications, work effortlessly with Google’s right hand. Some of its Android associates, for example, Samsung, are building their own particular voice-colleague administrations. Bloomberg News detailed that Huawei is doing likewise.


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