Intel 8th Generation Core processor: Here’s everything you need to know about

A comparison in performance among Intel 6th, 7th, and 8th generation Core processors.

Intel is famous for its best work in processors and Intel 8th generation Core processor is going to arrive this year in 2017. It is being said that these Intel 8th generation core processors are 15% faster than Intel 7th generation Core processors which in turn were 15% faster than 6th generation core processor. A 15% increase in performance might seem like a big deal, which it is but still its the 4th time company has decided to go with their 14nm(nanometer) chip. That’s why one should not expect to   lots of differences in experience with Intel 8th generation Core processor and this is a thing not being much liked by Geeks and Tech critics.

A comparison in performance among Intel 6th, 7th, and 8th generation Core processors.

The Company earlier this year had stated that they will be providing 10nm chips to the users this year but to our surprises they again came up with 14nm chips which does not look like very much appreciated step by the company. It is also being told that company is focusing more on making low powered chips so that they would be more suitable with lightweight laptops. But this of-course doesn’t mean that these Intel 8th generation Core processors are useless and are not worth buying because these are much faster than 7th generation CPUs and will have much better performance.

It has been reported that 8th generation Core release on primary basis will focus only on    U-series and Y-series chips which are generally low voltage chips. These are the processors usually used lightweight notebooks and laptops. It is same as the company did with previous generation releases, their low voltage chips were also released first. So neither 10nm chip nor high-voltage chips looks like company has played a very bold move lets see how much users like this move. Here is the official tweet by @intelnews

Tweet by Intel News


Fear of AMD: Reports have recommended that the sooner than-arranged declaration of Intel 8th generation Core processor  could have been made because of the danger that Intel’s adversary, AMD, postures once the last’s cutting edge Ryzen CPUs land one month from now.There is additionally theory that the eight-era Intel Core CPU family may incorporate Cannon Lake-badged chips which are said to be the 10 nm renditions of Kaby Lake and will be utilized for Y-arrangement Core M gadgets.

What to Expect : Its being said that Intel 8th generation Core processor is so much powerful that it can run high quality and high size games without help of any external graphics card. With so much powerful computer it will be very much unlikely for your computer to get hang or lag.

Additionally for the current week its been declared by Intel CEO Brian Kraznich for the current week that the organization would proceed with development of a chip fabricating production line in Arizona, which had been on hold. The news came amid a meeting with President Trump, albeit some have noticed that arrangements for the office have been in progress since 2011.


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