Raspberry Pi: An awesome Computer under $30

Raspberry pi

Computer are like inseparable part of our lives. Almost everybody owns a laptop and those who don’t wish to have one. But laptops are usually very costly even a very low end computer will cost you more than $300 and a high end computer will cost much more than this. Also it is not very easy to carry a laptop everywhere. There is an amazing solution to all these problems, Raspberry Pi  .   With Raspberry Pi you can have a computer in less than $30. Raspberry Pi is also very small and compact so it is also very easy to carry with you.

Raspberry Pi is very small and powerful computer with a size equal to your wallet. You can just plug it into some display device like TV and then use input devices like keyboard and mouse to do your work. This computer comes in handy and is mostly used by coders and developers.

Raspberry Pi’s official site has stated that with Raspberry Pi you can perform every function that you do with your desktop computer. You can use internet, you can play high quality videos, you can do your office work like spreadsheets and wordpad etc. You can also play video games.

Raspberry pi model 3

Raspberry Pi actually gives two options to user to choose from

1. Raspberry  Model A
It comes at a price of $25.
It has 256MB RAM.
It has only 1 USB port.
No Network connection(no Ethernet).


2. Raspberry Model B
It comes at a Price of $35.
It has 512MB RAM.
It has 2 USB ports.
It also has one Ethernet Port.

3. Raspberry Model 3
Raspberry Pi Model 3 comes with one GB RAM.
It ha a 1.2 GHz quad Core processor.
It has inbuilt bluetooth and wifi connectivity.


You can Get Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 1 GB RAM 1.2 GHz CPU -The Complete Kit from here.

Model 3 starter pack comes witha 16 GB micro SD card with pre-installed noob(an essential software for Raspberry). It is coming with case and HMDI cable. Actually this complete kit is coming with everything that you need to fully set-up Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi running Kali Linux
This is the mage of a Raspberry Pi running Kali Linux.


Additional Accessories required to completely Set-up a Raspberry Pi computer are following:
1. An 8GB or larger SD card.
2. A power supply of 5V.
3. A HDMI cable to connect it to a screen.
4. A display device that supports HDMI cable.
5. Keyboard and Mouse with USB ports.
6. A primary computer that you might need to set-up memory card.
7. An internet connection.
8. Ethernet cable to access internet.
9. SD card reader.

There are so many other accessories required so it is better that you get a complete kit of Raspberry Pi and it accessories altogether. Doing this will not only save your money but you will also get accessories that are compatible with each other.

You can Get a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B – Complete Kit (RPi 3, Case, Adapter, NOOBS card, HDMI Cable, LAN Cable) (16GB NOOBS, RPi3 Official Case) from here for just Rs. 4,499. 

You Can get Raspberry Pi Model B RASP-PI-3 Motherboard from here without any other accessories for INR 2,999.

Atlast I want to say that Raspberry Pi is a very powerful and handy device for coading and pen-testing. You should really give it a try.


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