Top Virtual Reality Glasses


This is 2017 and we are seeing all the technology become real that we once saw in time traveling movies and Virtual Reality and Artificial intelligence are key examples of those technologies. Today everyone has access to devices that can make them experience Virtual Reality. In this post We will discuss about the best VR glasses available for people.

1. Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft Hololens are one of the best VR glasses available in market for user or it would be true if we say that they are the best available for someone. Microsoft Hololens are a very good example of using Mixed Reality which means that it uses both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to let user interact with the virtual or graphical world. After wearing Hololens you might feel like you are in Iron-Man movie playing with holograms around you.Image result for microsoft hololensMicrosoft Hololens have made the holographic computing possible. It has multiple sensors, advanced optics, and a custom holographic processing unit that is the life of this device. It is very good device for 3D modelling, video chat, movie watching, playing games and much more. You can buy Microsoft Hololens from here. It is available in two prices $3000 and $5000 for commercial use. You can watch a detailed official video of Hololens here.Image result for microsoft hololens

2. Atheer Labs

ATHEER Has ,ade made 3D smart glasses that are not any less than Microsoft Hololens in functioning. It runs on an interactive platform and a Air Suite a cloud based application. It gives information with augmented reality and interaction with the holograms is very good with high quality visuals and is compatible with more than 1Million apps. Its operating system is based on android. It has 3cameras including 1 3D camera nad runs on NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. It has Wifi, Blutooth and 4g LTE. It has an 8 hours battrey life.Image result for atheer labs air

You can buy these glasses for $3,950 from here. And you can watch the video showing its working here.

3. ICIS by Laforge

These are highly advanced VR glasses in production by LAFORGE. This are the VR glasses that look very much like ordinary glasses so that user can wear them in public without any hesitation. IT can connect to your phone and show notification or real time updates right in front of user. It can help you in running, walking and driving by switching to respective modes according to your speed. You can also switch between modes by tapping on the red button on the frame.Image result for icis by laforgeIt has a camera at the frame part that rests on nose. The RX lenses with matrix optics act as display. It also has touchpad, aux jack and built in microphone in frame. It also has micro USB charging and bluetooth connectivity. It has temprature, light, gyroscope,accelerometer, and magnetometer sensors. It has 5 tactical buttons and 1GB storage. You can pre-order these beautiful and smart VR glasses for $590 from here. You can also watch a video about these VR glasses here.

Image result for icis by laforge


  • These are  the top 3 VR glasses so far in 2017 some of them are available for pre-order and are expected to release this year.
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