Windows 10 Creator Update 2017: Top new features

Windows 10 pro creator update ISO download 32-bit and 64-bit

windows 10 creators update

Microsoft has finally released its New Windows 10 creator update, that addresses the creator that lives inside the users. It is one of the most awaited updates by Microsoft for windows 10. This update is unique because it provide many new features that were very much-needed to be present in Windows 10. Creator update has following new features.

Top New Features of Windows 10 Creator update

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1. Gaming Mode

New windows 10 update comes with a Gaming mode feature that helps in better gaming experience. It has always been a complain that Windows 7 is better for gaming than windows 10 but from now on people wont be able to complain about that. The new gaming mode optimizes all your resources so that you can run your game with better graphics and without any fall in optimal FPS.

game mode windows 10
Now Gamers don’t need any third-party game boosters .
Broadcasting You can stream your Gameplay without any third-party app. Windows default broadcasting works a lot better than third-party application. There is only 1second delay your function and streaming video.

2. Paint 3D

The all new Windows 10 creator update comes with an application that allows you to paint 3D objects. You can also insert other 3D object from Remix3D which is an inbuilt online library for 3D objects. You can also upload your objects to Remix3D. You can make any 3D model you want, as it all addresses the creative you. You can later see your objects in view 3D app which is pre-installed and you can also print them if you have a 3D printer.Paint 3d windows 10

3. Books in Store

There is now an option to buy books in windows store. You can browse so many books. There are free books too but you still have to define a billing method to access them. Microsoft Edge is the default e-book reader in new windows 10 creator’s update. The new store has a big collection of books to download. So the windows store now is very much like Google’s play store.

Other Features in New creator update

  • Read mode: Inbuilt Bluelight defender to prevent eye strain.
  • New Windows defender with real time antivirus protection.

How to Download Windows 10 Pro Creator Update.

1. You can update it from your settings.

2. You can download the ISO for windows 10 creator update from here. You will be able to download ISO if you open this link in Mobile.


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